About ALERT Protective Services

ALERT Protective Services is a unique provider of premium contract security services throughout Florida. We focus primarily on security services for residential communities, condominiums and office buildings / office complexes. The culture of ALERT Protective Services is both client and employee focused.

Jeff Haidet acquired the company in April 2005, when it was known as Dehart Guard & Patrol Services, Inc. Inspired to create a security company different from those typically found in the local security market and a philosophy of being the area’s “employer of choice” as well as the “service provider of choice,” the name was changed to ALERT Protective Services in May 2006. The name change reflects the new direction for all ALERT clients and security officers.

AwardALERT has a clear understanding that our employees are just as much our customer as our clients.  Supporting and winning our “internal” customer   (security officers) is  instrumental in providing  outstanding service to our “external” customers, you  the client.

One of our unique service features that sets us apart from other companies and exhibits our passion for world class service, is top management personally interviews, hires and orientates each new security officer to our company and our culture.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of ALERT Protective Services is that we are locally owned and operated. With so many security companies foreign owned or headquartered outside of Florida, we understand the importance of being local.  Local means proximity to our customers, responsive local management, quick and efficient decision making and cost efficiency. In the service industry, 70 – 80 percent of what is important to our customers is determined locally.

ALERT Protective Services serves residents, communities and businesses throughout Florida.


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