Core Values


ALERT Core Values

ALERT Protective Services operates under and adhere to five basic principles in business and personal relationships which comprise the Company's CORE VALUES:


Always do the right thing because it is the right, moral thing to do.  Never do the right thing because something is expected in return


Have a comfort level with everyone we work with or do business with but be prepared to verify that it is well placed. "Inspect what you Expect".



Have passion for what we do, how we do it, how we treat others and why we are different from every other security, patrol and consulting company.

The Greater Good


Never, ever make the excuse that we do something because its "policy" or "procedure". Every policy or procedure exists for a larger, greater reason. Always be prepared to state the "because" - the reasons behind why we do what we do.

Personal Accountability


Eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination. Negative, inappropriate questions like "Why do we have to it this way?" and "Who dropped the ball?" represent lack of personal accountability. Conversely, when we ask questions such as "What can I do to contribute?" or "How can I help solve the problem?", our lives and organization are transformed.

To put these core value principles into practice, ALERT's management team's mission is ensure the five core values above translate into these organizational practices:

  1. Service to customers above all else;
  2. Work in partnership with our employees;
  3. Promote continuous self-improvement in ourselves and our employees;
  4. Work with passion, commitment & enthusiasm in all we do;
  5. Develop an excellence in reputation, ensuring we are a part of something special.

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