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ALERT Protective Services is a unique provider of premium contract security services in Florida. The culture of ALERT Protective Services is both employee and client focused.  Because of the residential nature of the security services we provide, for ALERT, "it's business and personal".

In April of 2005, Jeff Haidet acquired the Company when it was known as Dehart Guard & Patrol Services Inc. Jeff's aspiration was to create a security company different from the typical security services provider.  To do that, it required enacting a philosophy to be the area's "employer and service provider of choice". This applies no matter where we operate.  In accordance with this philosophy, the Company name was changed to ALERT Protective Services in May 2006 to record another milestone in the journey that began almost a year prior.  The name change embodied the new direction for all current and potential ALERT clients and security officers.  Since that time, the Company has grown from 28 to over 365 employees, as of 2015.

ALERT has developed a core competency in security personnel services for residential high rise and upscale communities. We have a clear understanding that our employees are just as much customers as our clients.  Supporting and winning our "internal" customer – the security officer – is instrumental in providing outstanding customer service to our "external" customers – our clients. One of ALERT's unique service features that both sets us apart from the competition and exhibits our passion for world class service is our employee hiring process. During this process, top management personally interviews, hires and teaches the Company Orientation to each new security officer.  The goal of this orientation is simple:  familiarization with ALERT, our history, culture, our passion and methods.

Each security officer has gone thru this process for a reason:  to select, hire and retain only the best security officers in each area we operate.  Very few companies have its top management interview and make selection decisions on any potential employee. In this way, ALERT is ensuring quality control that starts and ends with the individual security officer, ensuring they are the right fit for both ALERT and a particular client.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of ALERT Protective Services is that we are locally owned and operated. With so many security companies foreign owned or headquartered outside of Florida, we understand the importance of being local.  Local means:

  • Proximity to our customers and employees,
  • Responsive and experienced professional local management,
  • Quick and efficient decision making
  • Cost efficiency
  • Revenue stays in local economy

In the service industry, we understand that most of what is important to our customers is determined locally.

Thank you for considering ALERT!


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