Disaster Preparedness

Preparing for Other Disasters

In Florida, the #1 risk most organizations (and people) spend the most time planning for are Hurricanes and Tropical Storms.  Why?  Because they are the ones that garner the most media attention.  But what about these?

  • Facility fire
  • Lightning strike
  • Flood
  • Civil disruption
  • Hazmat incident
  • Biological pandemic (Flu, SARS)
  • Large scale vandalism
  • Large scale access control breach

It is FAR more likely that a small scale business DISRUPTION can not only have the same devastating impact and at the same time, be much more likely to occur. Such is the perfect storm that can quickly shut down any business not engaged in overall Disaster Preparedness. When evaluating the various risks a business can face, a Risk Analysis is something that security, technology and insurance consultants use as an important management tool. The whole idea of the Risk Analysis is that it can:

  • Identify potential risks;
  • Evaluate the standards on what risks will be planned for;
  • Evaluate to what extent those risks should be planned for.

A Risk Analysis will allow for calculation of the severity of a given event versus its probability of occurrence. Severity can mean direct financial impact, damage and/or business interruption. This central tenet of Risk Management is often overlooked as businesses prepare for a disaster, often focusing on the most catastrophic natural disaster event(s) that could impact their business.

Allow ALERT's seasoned management team of consulting professionals help you and your organization determine your variety and levels of risk.  Our consultants can work with you to craft a plan that fits your specific needs and concerns. Our goal is to ensure we are always ready and able to operate and serve our clients following a business disruption, AND that our clients are as well.

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