Our Specialties

"ALERT Protective Services designed a security program that is specific to the Residential Gated Community environment and one that is capable of adapting and being customized to meet our residents changing needs." - HOA Board President

Our Specialties

Based on our expertise and core competency developed in uniformed security officer services early in our history, ALERT has made a specific choice to focus our service offerings.  ALERT Protective Services tailors our security services for three specialty areas:

  • Residential Communities, including both gated and un-gated neighborhoods
  • Residential Condominium Communities
  • Commercial Office Buildings and Office Complexes

Because of the inherent similarities with condominium communities, ALERT also provides security services for hospitality properties, including hotels and resorts.

"It's Business and Personal"

We believe that security and access control services in these specialized markets is both "business and personal", as many times, our security officers and concierge personnel are essentially "opening the front door to your community" -- or facility.  Knowing this, our clients have taught us that each and every community or facility is different.  They may look similar from the outside, but the challenges and needs of each can be quite different.

What makes ALERT's approach unique is that we first focus on our primary job: to listen to and understand the concerns of our customers.  Our consultative approach allows us to develop a clear understanding of the challenges inherent in an individual community or facility.  Only then can our management team work to address and solve security and access control problems, offering solutions that can include one or a variety of our service offerings, 

By acting as your security consultant, our educated and experienced management team can deliver a solution that integrates our security personnel with technology.  The result is a much more efficient and effective security program that may include a combination of any or all of:

  • Security officers and / or concierge personnel
  • Security patrols in a variety of marked or unmarked vehicles
  • Electronic Reporting of officer activities
  • Access control products and systems
  • Camera and digital video recording equipment.

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