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Local Expertise

Nothing is more important in the service industry as being local. It's not surprising that studies show that 70 – 80% of what is important to customers is determined locally. Virtually all businesses are ultimately, service providers. This is most certainly the case when it comes to the security and access control services provided by ALERT. But what are local issues?

  • Customer service
  • Flexibility of service and ability to quickly respond to changing security needs
  • Knowledge of security solutions, hardware, software and complementary service providers
  • Management responsiveness
  • Security staff competence and training
  • Officer wages, the labor market and associated direct employee costs

Each of these is a local issue and the ALERT Executive and Ownership Team understands them well, because we are directly engaged with our customers and our employees.

With 98% of ALERT's growth coming from companies dissatisfied with their previous security provider, our customers are telling us the reasons for change are typically a combination of the following:

  • Unresponsive & inexperienced local management;
  • Poor quality security officers;
  • Lack of "Return on Investment" (ROI) for security dollars spent.

We can say unequivocally, the most common reason given by our customers for change is unresponsive local management.  The one defining characteristic that makes one security company different from another is local management, no matter the company.  

ALERT's Executive and Ownership Team, with nearly 100 years of experience, is organized in such a way, that our energies are placed with our customers at the local level, not compliance to a corporate office. Our commitment is to do whatever it takes to be your security provider of choice. At ALERT, "security is personal".

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